hannah reimer
16:49 19 May 22
Judi Atkinson
00:21 19 May 22
My dental hygienist, jeanette is very gentile and answers my questions. I give the entire staff 5 stars.
21:12 18 May 22
Doug Hurley
18:32 13 May 22
Staff is friendly & courteous.
Trey Gibbs
14:56 11 May 22
Had 1 visit so far, very kind and Professional and good to have clarification of dental work needed going forward...
22:25 10 May 22
I highly recommend. Excellent staff.
Craig Martin
22:28 06 May 22
Dr Andrew took the time to look at my teeth and discuss issues and options. The dental Hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth. Overall a very professional operation.
Jared Thompson
05:09 29 Apr 22
Cat cleaned my teeth and it was the best teeth cleaning experience I've EVER had!
Delaney Bjork
23:05 25 Apr 22
I've been going here for like 10 years, I have a massive fear of going to the dentist but everyone in this office takes AMAZING care of me. They're always very gentle, kind, and understanding. Today I had to get a deep cleaning done, which I had been dreading for months, but my hygienist Kat was phenomenal, she made the process so painless and was just an absolute star. 10/10 highly reccomend, especially for anyone who has anxiety regarding dental visits as I do.
Catherine De Lisi
04:54 17 Apr 22
Dr. Baek was so professional, friendly and efficient. I didn’t know people like him existed. His assistant made me feel very comfortable. She was good too.
Jamie Smith
19:43 10 Apr 22
I’ve been going to Colorado Dental Group for several years now, and the experience is always top notch. The front desk receptionists are always very welcoming and every dental hygienist that has cleaned my teeth over the years has always been friendly. But the one at my last visit was even better! I wish I could remember her name, but she was so friendly and outgoing and great at her job! Thanks CO Dental for having such great employees!
Mikinsie Ransdell
17:11 01 Apr 22
Bruce Davis
16:43 31 Mar 22
Colleen Morrey
22:23 30 Mar 22
The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr Andrew Baek was very informative and professional. He addressed the problem and presented the options. Would definitely recommend this practice.
Kristen Wear
15:39 29 Mar 22
Ariel Ash
22:08 28 Mar 22
Always kind and professional! Very clean. Been a patient for 8 years and would highly recommend.
01:43 24 Mar 22
I had a great experience here! I am very anxious when going to the dentist but I was met with tons of patience and kindness by the doctors and the assistants. This has been by far the best dentistry experience I have ever had. They also break down all the costs of your treatment program with you and offer great deals and specials that are very affordable without insurance. I can’t recommend this office enough!
Jesse Weeks
14:34 16 Mar 22
Natalie Seale
01:16 10 Mar 22
The staff are always friendly and professional. Every appointment I've had has been a positive experience.
William Morales
19:06 04 Mar 22
Wayne Robelia
17:58 04 Mar 22
Friendly and informative
Namoh Baek
00:13 17 Feb 22
Facility was excellent, processing flow was smooth and staffs were very friendly!!
Joe Paulk
00:06 13 Feb 22
Simply the best
nancy bowen
04:39 27 Jan 22
Dr Baek was very knowledgeable and gave me all information and then helped me know how to proceed. Kay, the huge peas made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Front office were all kind and welcoming. This was first visit, I was impressed!
Jeannette Joyner
17:44 26 Jan 22
I was called back for my appointment on time and everything moved quickly and smoothly. The staff was professional and knowledgeable.
03:15 20 Jan 22
Cathy Rushing
01:57 20 Jan 22
Katie m
18:08 14 Jan 22
Always a great place . Super friendly staff, would definitely recommend!
Kristan Leclerc
20:07 13 Jan 22
Allan Cunningham
00:31 11 Jan 22
Dawn Burdick
01:06 05 Jan 22
cakelady kae
21:10 30 Dec 21
Helen Casias
18:44 09 Dec 21
I am very happy with Colorado Dental. The staff is friendly and professional.
Kimberly Ward
23:11 03 Dec 21
Jeanette was awesoooooome !
Ryan Marshall
16:57 23 Nov 21
All I have to say is just amazing. Awesome crew.
James T Smith Jr
18:42 09 Nov 21
Christopher Barrett
21:07 08 Nov 21
Great people! Always caring and concerned! Dr. FREDRICK is terrific.
John Trivelli
18:07 08 Nov 21
Carmen Vasquezward
21:16 05 Nov 21
Rosalinda Sanchez
20:42 02 Nov 21
Great office staff, Dr. Fredrick is great and talks you through everything.
Steve Empey
18:26 01 Nov 21
Gloria Perez
21:54 24 Sep 21
Amber Phillips
22:55 21 Sep 21
Very fast, professional & efficient!
Carlos Lumbreras
20:33 14 Sep 21
Best experience ever. Highly recommend Dr.Frederick for his work was amazing. Made me feel comfortable on the chair. I haven’t been to a dentist in like two years and he definitely makes want to keep coming back.
Susan Sills
17:42 17 Aug 21
The people are nice. Very little wait and they get the job done.
Pat Marques
15:32 17 Aug 21
Great dental office, highly recommend!
Fred Nachtigal
22:07 04 Aug 21
A very professional place. Everything was handled with courtesy. Very friendly atmosphere. Fred did not see the dentist. It is his wife who had the appointment and writing this paragraph. See you next week.
stephanie schueler
23:22 29 Jul 21
Mandee Little
15:32 28 Jul 21
I've had great experiences with the Team at Colorado Dental Group! Always kind, thorough, and accommodating to any issue I've had. I highly recommend!
Andy Armetta
22:55 27 Jul 21
Bob Kujawski
19:21 14 Jul 21
Tonya was excellent . Good print service
David Jurovich
18:47 13 Jul 21
Patty Smith
17:34 12 Jul 21
Everyone at Colorado Dental Group is extremely friendly. Maybe it’s a job requirement! They are all wonderful about explaining what the procedure is they will be doing. If they don’t know, they will get the Dr. or assistant to come and explain it to you. You can feel confident about getting your dental work done and getting it done right. They are also very diligent about their safety procedures to keep you and everyone else safe.
Alisha Walker
17:36 05 Jul 21
Quick and efficient! Gentle cleaning and thorough exam.
Dan Zook
17:15 30 Jun 21
I liked the convenience and efficiency of theoffice. Waiting que area could be enlarged but actual waiting area is spacious and well appointed. Staff was friendly and helpful and I was received on time for my appointment, which was appreciated. Also I liked having x-rays done in exam chair instead of other room, expediting my appointment. Overall excellent experience! Would highly recommend 👍
Heidi Huff
13:54 30 Jun 21
Great job... very nice and folks!!! Another great experience here.... such great job!!! Doc rocks!!!
Beverly Finocchio
18:03 29 Jun 21
Stacy Harris
03:45 25 Jun 21
I am so grateful for this clinic and I believe I’ve left previous reviews that probably are nearly word for word! These people are so kind, gentle and respectful. I suffer from severe anxiety when it comes to dentists. I was traumatized as a child by a terrible dentist. Dr. Howard is very respectful of my angst. Other than my own internal battle I’ve never had a bad experience. I will continue to pre medicate, suck it up and go to Colorado Dental Group for all of my dental needs.
Shelby Langlois
18:15 09 Jun 21
The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I will definitely be referring my family to them in the future!
Nikki Browning
18:50 07 Jun 21
I’ve been so scared of the dentist for so long, and I’m happy I found this office! Dr. Fredrick is the nicest person and so easy going. I would highly recommend!
Carlos Lumbreras
17:36 07 Jun 21
Best experience ever. I haven’t been to a dentist in over two years and Dr.Frederick made it comfortable, very fast, and great pricing too. If you care about your teeth you should be going here. I would give them more stars if google would let me. Can’t wait to go back
Michael Chamberlin
17:25 07 Jun 21
Tonya Baker (Toni)
15:08 04 Jun 21
Ben Guinter
16:21 03 Jun 21
Great service, friendly staff. Willing to work with you on payments. Quick, high-quality work. I was in and out, in less than an hour, after a filling, and a scan for a crown to be put on an implant.
Remington Baker
21:14 20 May 21
Super friendly and accommodating staff, I believe I've found my new office.
Kelly T
21:28 19 May 21
Couldn't ask for a better experience. They have the best dentists and assistants I've ever encountered and have bent backwards to help me get my mouth right.
Margaret Eversole
15:52 05 May 21
Excellent, professional care!
george babbitt
15:17 04 May 21
Denise Anderson
01:10 01 May 21
My dental hygienist was excellent & very gentle!
George Edwards
20:35 29 Apr 21
Amanda Kennerly
11:42 29 Apr 21
I chipped a tooth and they repaired it same day as the appointment, with no anesthesia and no pain at all. My tooth looks better than before, and the cost was affordable.
Kathy Sullivan
00:03 28 Apr 21
Friendly, professional and didn't hurt my mouth.
David Carrow
19:37 26 Apr 21
kellie mcmaster
17:07 26 Apr 21
I have been going to Colorado Dental Group for several years now, mostly bc I work across the street and it was convenient. The hygienists and dentists are fine, do good work and try to make visiting the dentist as pleasant as dental appts can be. (Kelly Clarkson was the best - very genuine, not haughty like some - but she’s been gone for a bit). But today I had one of the most pleasant experiences I’ve ever had at this clinic and it was all due to Kim, the young woman I worked with to have my teeth whitened. Not only was she thorough in telling me what would happen (they book 2 hours for the procedure), but she was extra diligent with her work and super friendly and caring. Please keep Kim on staff, support her in her studies (if she’s studying for something else in the dental world) and give her a raise to keep her. This is the kind of employee we all want to work with when we go to the dentist, and the people who run it would be wise to praise and support her. I hope I got her name right! Thanks again, Kim!
Bar Camp
21:20 23 Apr 21
Great experience... friendly staff.
Alicia Kubaska
23:21 20 Apr 21
I love this dental office so much. They are always kind, do great work on cleanings and fillings and are always reasonably priced, honest and up front. They are also very knowledgeable so you won't be slapped in the face with incorrect or hidden costs.
Neal Rappaport
19:48 19 Apr 21
Excellent experience. I have been a patient for quite a few years and always the care is excellent. Thanks.
Russalyn Ganuelas
17:49 16 Apr 21
Jonnie Smith
17:08 13 Apr 21
Vickie Doyle
22:54 12 Apr 21
This office is Absolutely the Best everyone is
Helpful and nice. I made the right decision to move to this office after my first visit here !
Caleb Miller
20:20 02 Apr 21
Olivia Reed
19:19 01 Apr 21
Aliza was the best!
Joel Hawk
21:14 30 Mar 21
Courteous staff. Very reassuring!
Kathryn M
03:10 30 Mar 21
Reasonably priced, professional, and efficient. If you have a toothache on a Saturday, most dental offices are closed so I appreciate they got me in the same day.
Kathleen Alexander
21:49 25 Mar 21
This office is friendly, fun, organized and professional. I have had 3 hygienists over the 4 years I’ve been a patient who have all been great. Dr Frederick explains everything well and is very skilled. Highly recommended!
Ron Bauer
19:38 17 Mar 21
The staff is very friendly and helpful, as they always are. They make every effort to follow pandemic guidelines as well as to insure that all goes well for you and your procedure (both before and after)..
alexis Randall
17:21 16 Mar 21
Linsey Creaser
23:52 15 Mar 21
Jen Dwight
18:50 12 Mar 21
My husband hasn't been to the dentist in probably a decade. Last week got a sudden horrible toothache and was miserable for two days before I finally convinced him to schedule a dental visit. Dr. Frederick was able to see him within a few hours, took x-rays, and diagnosed a tooth abscess. He was kind and gentle.
Vonda Ottinger
02:48 12 Mar 21
Orly Rabin Pantz
19:15 04 Mar 21
Casey Cox
16:35 13 Feb 21
Juice Jenson
23:06 01 Feb 21
Welcomed at front desk by a very pleasant lady. Taken back by a cute young woman that took Xrays and was very charming, talked about movies and families putting me at ease.
Dr F came in, had a good visit with good recommendations. Nice visit. Clean and very covid aware.
Allen Deis
15:44 30 Jan 21
I needed 2 teeth pulled,and was in pain,couldn't sleep at night.The dental assistant was very calming,and the dentist's made me very,very at ease,by making sure I didn't feel the pain.Ive been here before and I've ALWAYS have had good experiences.......I will continue to use this office for ALL my dental needs..
Niámh Niámhs
18:42 28 Jan 21
wonderful experience. First off, I was seen the very next morning after calling at closing time. Front desk staff was positive and fun. Kim was a great time and made me feel very comfortable and the doctor gave me his FULL attention willing to answer ALL my questions. I was respected and listened to thoroughly. Though given the big financial burden of health care bills, I still walked out feeling comfortable and far from hopeless.
SuZett Estell
06:00 28 Jan 21
Was treated kindly and with respect. Very professional
Zera Menard
22:44 27 Jan 21
Very friendly staff! Dr and nurses are very attentive and do everything they can to assure I am comfortable throughout my treatment.
Kanesha Lankford
20:07 27 Jan 21
The staff was kind and friendly from start to finish! I love coming in for my treatments.
Jennifer Bigney
16:08 23 Jan 21
emilie m g
19:08 21 Jan 21
Nina Zielenski
18:35 21 Jan 21
Richard Clough
23:55 19 Jan 21
Very knowledgeable. Explained everything, procedure, cost, and expectations during procedure. Highly recommend. No pressure
Lori Breitenstein
23:35 19 Jan 21
Janet Berg
17:54 18 Jan 21
Alexis Whaley
23:29 11 Jan 21
Mike Morrow
23:14 06 Jan 21
Excellent service and really kind staff. So helpful and compassionate.
Thomas Jacobs
20:41 06 Jan 21
Always a positive experience!
Marggie Hanratty
20:15 06 Jan 21
Lois Trout Martinez
21:04 04 Jan 21
I am pleased with my experiece with t Colorado Dental Group Everyone was extra helpful
ken morford
17:11 31 Dec 20
Colorado Dental Group has provided excellent service and top quality care. I strongly recommend them for anyone seeking professional dental care.
SoniaIP Carvalho
21:59 22 Dec 20
Dave Belger
18:32 22 Dec 20
Brenda Danner
00:13 15 Dec 20
Nancy Lehde
19:59 09 Dec 20
Excellent service by hygienist and dentist this morning! Will be back in June!
Mirissa Collazo
00:44 09 Dec 20
Rosalinda Sanchez
23:38 01 Dec 20
Everyone was so friendly and helpful, I am deathly afraid of dentists and the staff made me feel comfortable and calm.
Elfego Gomez
19:02 24 Nov 20
Darkahontas Duh
00:38 20 Nov 20
professional and nice... Most def making this my regular place💖
Emily Dwyer
03:04 18 Nov 20
Delmer Cox
01:37 11 Nov 20
Kurt Müller
15:06 08 Nov 20
I hadn't been to the dentist in years. I have had some bad luck with them. My friend recommended I check this place out. Couldn't have been happier with the short wait time. That was my biggest problem with my last dentist. I would be sitting in the waiting for 5 hours without any explanation.
J'Mae Garcia
01:40 06 Nov 20
Everyone is very helpful and makes sure you are comfortable. They go above and beyond for their patients!
Sheila Ellingsworth
17:46 05 Nov 20
I had a timeline to get a few dental procedures completed. Dr. White bent over backwards to ensure work was completed in my time frame. Kudos to all.
Charles LeMaster
01:07 05 Nov 20
Had a tooth that cracked today. Came here as a recommendation from a friend. They saw me right away, and I am so happy. Reasonable on prices. And friendly, informative staff. I think I have found my local dentistry!
Shane Poteet
23:31 04 Nov 20
Kylee Gerin
18:43 04 Nov 20
Everyone was so kind and helpful! They really helped ease my mind about my future treatments. Very thankful!
Pleasant and efficient front office staff.
Hygienist “Eliza” did a great job and was fun to be around!
Carolyn Mcinturff
19:40 25 Sep 20
very concerned and helpful
Brandon Eubanks
16:45 24 Sep 20
Dr. Fredrick and his team are incredible. They will always make sure that you are comfortable during treatment and go above and beyond to make your appointment enjoyable. I love this practice.
Mark Shtatman
18:36 13 Jul 20
the dental hygienist was very good. she was very professional. Her name was Gina.
Jennifer Nagel
19:34 23 Jun 20
Friendly and efficient for my cleaning today. Office is clean and virus protocol is followed closely. They can always get me in when needed.
Jerry Albrent
23:45 13 Apr 20
5 stars
First time here. Phone call- professional and helpful. Receptionist- pleasant and efficient. Dental assistant- attentive and thorough. Dentist- clear, comprehensive and caring. Do I really want a root canal-no! Will I happily return- absolutely!
Emily Bashore
00:41 06 Mar 20
Great hygienists and Dentists. Thorough and friendly too!
The one who cleaned my teeth (Jeanie I think) is the reason I look forward to going to the dentist. She is the sweetest and does the best job on my teeth. When she was flossing my sensitive teeth she was so gentle and accurate and I felt like I a new man after. Everyone from reception is so nice. Can’t wait for my next apt.
every relaxing and nice. they explain everything before doing it.
Tabitha Firman
21:29 25 Feb 20
They are always so friendly and comforting! I hate the dentist normally but I seriously look forward to my appointments here. Highly recommend! ❤️
Anita Marie
19:51 03 Feb 20
New patient to Colorado Dental Group and the staff is wonderful.
Sheila Jamison
00:08 28 Jan 20
Staff are friendly. Nick is the best hygienist.
Ken Rivera
01:14 05 Dec 19
Friendly pros! They make dental issues easy to cope with.
Christine Glaeser
23:24 03 Sep 19
WOW Love Abby , Understand you have to Abby’s the Abby that that I’m talking about she is one single mom w little boy and plays Volleyball her words so positive Shes Best ❗️Great over the top Hygienist experience , I’ve ever had in all my years ❗️. She explains so I understand each step is going to happen Exceptional extraordinary goes out of her way to make sure I’m comfortable in my dentist apt from beginning the end of my appointment. Love her , sweet kind gentle ways . I RECOMMEND YOU KEEP HER AND PROMOTE HER , ABBY’S HEART IS GOLDEN . She has a Great future .
BEST EVER IN HIS POSITION ❗️. HE Always recognizes me and calls me by name . I Love thst
Chris has a great sense of humor . That HE TREATS ME LIKE I’m a Princess . Chris ‘s Heart So also GOLDEN . I RECOMMEND YOU KEEP HIM ,
GOD BLESS YOU ALL. ❤️ Christine Glaeser
Melissa West-Bachman
18:06 25 Jul 19
Everyone associated with this group is very friendly and accommodating when it comes to any cleanings, procedures or other dental interventions one might need. They seem to enjoy what they do and do it well. I always feel welcome and valued.
Curtis Hale Jack
16:51 18 Jul 19
very gentle caring staff. from front deck to doc.
Leona Lobato
00:36 10 Jul 19
The staff was awesome and took good care me of me!!! Thank you everyone!!!
Barbara Lowery
23:55 05 Jun 19
I walked into this neighborhood Dental Clinic with 2 agonizing abscess teeth. My old dentist retired and the Dr who purchased that business didn’t call me back today, so I decided to try this dental group. I came in at the end of the day, no appointment... as a walk-in. I’m certain a few staff members and Dr. White stayed after hours to do X-rays and prescribe antibiotics and pain medicine. They sent information home for further recommendations for an endodontist needing root canals. Thank you for your wonderful service and thoughtful care .
21:17 28 May 19
The staff are skilled professionals. Also polite and friendly. Idefinitely reccommend them.
Diane O'Hair
04:25 21 May 19
They are very nice. They explain everything in a way that makes sense. They treat you with respect.
Bonnie Whiteis Wubbena
18:36 01 May 19
Great care from the best professional group .
Olivia Reed
16:34 30 Apr 19
Have had great experiences here each time I’ve visited and for various services! The employees are all extremely friendly! I would recommend this place to others and plan to keep using Colorado Dental Group!
Douglas Richardson
15:35 22 Apr 19
Great office on Centennial with great staff. Front office staff is absolutely wonderful as well as the dentists and their staff. A friend recommended them to us last year and so glad she did. 👍👍
Jessica Jones
01:32 20 Nov 18
Love this office! Great atmosphere and great staff
Helen Casias
21:05 17 Nov 18
Professional doctor’s and friendly clientele.
Bob Driscoll
02:36 27 Oct 18
I was impressed with the friendly treatment.
Kelly Metz Rafferty
00:53 24 Oct 18
Informative, friendly and skilled staff.
Karen Smith
21:43 22 Sep 18
Very accommodating for my schedule - I had a root canal - took longer than normal (my complications - not them) but they were very thorough and KIND!
Becky Luginbuhl
17:40 16 Aug 18
Very prompt and polite staff! Great work today.
Angela Beach
20:51 21 Jul 18
Friendly and thorough staff! Nice atmosphere!
Jennie Chittenden
23:13 23 Jun 18
Love Dr. Frederick and his team! I've hopped around from dentist to dentist over the years but found a home here. They explain everything to you and you can tell they truly care!
Kimberly Carpenter
03:08 23 May 18
Great team, very nice folks! I have gone to the dentist since I can remember every 6 months. However I have had a few bad experiences (and I mean bad) over the past few years so had been awhile since my last check-up. I was very happy to find a crew close to where I work that are good. Looking forward to getting back to my normal 6m check up routine.
Shirley Michalak
00:53 17 May 18
My visit was great! No need to be apprehensive about going to the dentist at the COLORADO Dental Group. The staff is friendly and they do everything they can to make one comfortable. I highly recommend this group.
Shirley Chin
20:41 12 Apr 18
Had my second cleaning today. The staff listened to my concerns, and I received terrific care. Definitely going back.
Leanne Yunng
02:07 14 Feb 18
Very friendly staff and Dentist made experience almost enjoyable. Thank you Colorado Dental!
Taylor Ferguson
22:06 27 Jan 18
Gabriel Uribe
00:10 07 Jan 18
Excelente experiencia. Muchas gracias. Buena atención, buen trato y agradezco al Señor Arturo por su traducción.
RJ Berry
19:09 28 Dec 17
Dr Scott Fredrick is my dentist. I have been with him for many years. It fact he moved to a different office and I followed. He is compassionate and willing to work with me through all my dental needs.

I just had him extract a tooth today. He eased my stress and performed the procedure quickly. I highly recommend a visit with Dr Fredrick if you have dental work to be done.
Diane Kruse Lair
03:58 14 Nov 17
Edward Derby
21:09 31 Oct 17
Casey cleaned/polished my teeth today. She was excellent and very kind and friendly. I want to see her again in 6 mos. Dr. Frederick is the best also! Bev Derby
Tammy Cook
17:58 21 Sep 17
I hadn't been to a dentist in 20 years. I was terrified of all the work I had to have done. The staff and Dr. Frederick were so friendly and encouraging. They made sure I was as comfortable as I could be. I highly recommend them!
Karen Gantt Markos
03:57 13 Sep 17
Candice Benoit
00:21 18 Mar 17
Dr. Frederick always makes my visits quixk, as painless as possible and funny. Thank you.
Thank you too Bridget
Rachel Davis
21:05 14 Mar 17
Coming from Comfort Dental and having the worst experience ever, Dr Clarkson was a life saver! Will definitely be going back!
Ariel Flatt
23:40 26 Jan 17
I use to dread going to the dentist but now as an adult, I can say it's actually something I look forward to. The staff at Colorado Dental Group are friendly and outgoing. They make my visits fun and make me feel at ease. They use a water pressure cleaner so no annoying scraping. They did my wisdom teeth extraction (I'm convinced) in record breaking time. Highly recommend!
Barb Van Sant
00:24 22 Oct 16
I have nothing bad to say at all about Dr. Kelly Clarkson and her staff at Colorado Dental Group. Dr. Clarkson is meticulous and very thorough; she takes the time with her patients that is needed. This attitude trickles down to the rest of her staff. This is a CAN DO dental office. My dental prostheses are now one (1) year old and I am extremely satisfied with both the high quality and appearance. I can SMILE again!!
Brian Livingston
19:14 02 Oct 16
Awesome staff, assistants, and dentists! My whole family loves going there and even the kids don't mind!
Nathan Grass
16:21 16 Jul 16
Friendly, understanding and professional staff made going to the dentist easy and stress free.
Nikky Naranjo
21:05 16 Apr 16
Dr. Nakashima is great with kids.
My daughter had a filling done and she had no idea. Thank you for being so patient!!!!
Love the Saturday hours
Angie Smith Pearson
02:56 31 May 14
Brandi Landrum Long
08:03 14 Dec 13
Alecia Heisler
00:10 21 Oct 13
Melody Crandall
04:32 10 Oct 13
Valentina Suarez Ortiz
07:40 18 Jul 13
Angie Rish
12:29 06 Jul 13
Ronda Russell
07:55 06 Jul 13
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